hayakawa kowalczyk

Sara Hildén Art Museum

  • Tampere, Finland
  • Date: 2020 – 2021
  • Client: Sara Hildén Foundation
  • Status: Competition

The new Sara Hildén Art Museum is a contemporary building that creates a dialogue with the city and responds to the surrounding landscape.  It’s a response that is thoughtful and values the importance of social and cultural factors, as well as the historically layered characteristics of the site. 

The site is located at the boundary between a “hard” urban structure in the south and a “soft” open landscape in the north. Addressing both these conditions is what defines the form of the Sara Hildén Art Museum – a straight-lined facade facing the edge of the city’s built-up area and a curved wall responding to the organic shapes of trees in the park area.

A main foyer creates a strong north–south link between a new public square and Finlayson Palace in Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park. The  museum was planned as a place with a variety of spaces that are accessible not only for visitors, but also as a place for the local community.

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